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Scalable Enterprise Search Appliance Software Platform with Clustering

Most search appliances usually are closed and proprietary systems, that offer little or limited control over methods of indexing and relevance ranking of documents.  Clusterpoint Search Appliance (CSA) is software that is built with open XML and web standards based technology, that uses high performance scalable XML database to store documents and enterprise search software driven indexing and search engine (incl. full text search), both functionalities integrated into a cohesive server source code with open API, and task based crawler for Web link and file system spidering, that all together works as a scalable, multi-master, no single point of failure, cluster database software driving CSA. 

Search Appliance with Fast Scalable Full Text Search Engine and Document Ranking

The CSA system can be scaled out to as large number of cluster servers as necessary, ideal model for cloud computing architectures using inexpensive networked servers as CPU and storage nodes.  

Clusterpoint Search Appliance has a unique Information Ranking mechanism, that allows our customers to flexibly customize document relevance (rank their data) according to their own business needs and rules.

Clusterpoint Search Appliance Data Sheet: Please Download (PDF)

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